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When I call for structural repairs, I always recommend that permits are obtained from the local authority having jurisdiction.  Yesterday I was out on the east side looking at a fantastic home with a big deck.

This deck has a cantilevered beam.  there appears to be a modification done to the 6 joists in the center of the deck.
If you look carefully you can see that these joists have been “sistered” on either side to extend them longer then the original deck had.

There are rules about cantilevers that this install appears not to have followed.  You are supposed to have three times the distance before the cantilever.  The maximum allowable overhang cannot exceed 1/4 of the actual main span. In this case, the original deck was probably ok, but when they added the deck extension, they also should have moved that beam out near the end of the span.

Take another look at that deck, how long is that cantilever?  Way too long!
In addition, any cantilever more than 2 feet should have engineering performed before construction.  
Just because a home costs north of 2 million dollars does not guarantee that the work was done correctly.  The best part was my client was smart, really smart (he is a mechanical engineer). He completely understood this issue and I am sure he will have it repaired, this time with the necessary permits!

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