SOPHI (the School of Professional Home Inspection) is officially authorized by the State of Oregon to provide The Fundamentals of Home Inspection training. Our classes are offered in a hybrid format, combining in-person attendance with live Zoom participation. This distinctive setup fosters direct interaction between students and instructors, offering the optimal path to excel in this rewarding career.

At SOPHI, we excel not only in teaching home inspection skills but also in nurturing your business growth. Our expert team offers marketing guidance and materials to enhance your online presence. With extensive experience in marketing and networking, we are committed to supporting you in achieving your goals.

What is the average income inspectors in Oregon?

As of 02/2022, indeed.com says the average salary for a home inspector is $61,150 per year in Oregon

Does Oregon have its own Standard of Practice?

Yes, here is their SOP

What is the Oregon State certification process?

Certification process

Candidates for certification as an Oregon home inspector must pass the National Home Inspector Examination. The exam is just part of the Oregon process to become a home inspector. The Home inspector application packet​​ describes other requirements.


  • For background on the national exam and how to prepare for the test, visit the national exam website.​
  • PSI administers the National Home Inspector Examination at seven Oregon locations. Learn more. The Candidate Bulletin provides information about a study outline and sample test.
  • The fee is $225. The four-hour exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions.
  • It is important to keep the exam score report you receive from PSI when you pass the exam. You must submit this with other application materials.


Home inspector application packet.This form includes general information, eligibility requirements, test application, etc. 

Home inspector standards. This is a list of home inspector standards of behavior and standards of practice, as outlined in rule. 


  • $150 initial certification fee 
  • $150 certification renewal fee (every two years from date of certification)

Additional requirements ​

Once you are certified, you must be an owner or employee of a business that is licensed with the Construction Contractors Board as a residential contractor. The business must be endorsed as one of these:

  • Residential general contractor
  • Residential specialty contractor
  • Home inspector services contractor

If you only do home inspections – and do not perform construction work – you may want the home inspector services contractor endorsement. With this endorsement:

  • You do not have to take pre-license education and pass a test to become a contractor.
  • Your bond and insurance requirements are less than those of the residential general or specialty contractor endorsements.​

Read more at the Oregon State website.

What does the class cost?

State-Required (120 Hours)
All SOPHI courses are taught via online, live lectures in real-time. Classes are twelve 10-hour sessions with a special emphasis on Inspection Laws, (SOP), and practical inspection techniques. Our courses are taught by local, experienced Home Inspection Professionals who are ready to help you succeed. This intensive State-Certified course fulfills the requirement to take the National Home Inspection Exam (NHIE)

What is the class schedule?

Class runs from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and then Sunday off then Monday through Saturday and then you’re done. 
The SOPHI program, meeting all the state of Oregon’s requirements, consists of comprehensive training, qualifying you to apply for the National Home Inspector Exam. Our intense 12-day program ensures you start ahead and be fully prepared for success.

All classes are live lectures online.

Your SOPHI certification is recognized by the State of Washington and meets their state licensing requirements also.

We are approved by the Veterans Affairs Administration as an eligible provider for Veteran education benefits. (GI bill)

Have more questions? be sure to read our FAQ, or call us, we love to talk about home inspection careers.