Courses are 12 days, Monday – Saturday*, virtual live classroom and/or in the classroom.
Upcoming Courses:
October 16 – 28, 2023
November 27 – December 9, 2023
January 8 – 20, 2024

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Online classes for state licensure must be on camera the entire time. No working, no driving, no appointments of any kind. In class every day ready to learn.

State-Required (120 Hours) 

All SOPHI courses are taught in our newly remodeled classroom and via and simultaneously on Zoom live lecture. All classes are twelve 10-hour sessions with a special emphasis on Inspection Laws, State Standards of Practice (SOP) and practical inspection techniques.  Our courses are taught by experienced Home Inspection Professionals who are ready to help you succeed. This intensive State-Certified course fulfills the requirement to take the National Home Inspection Exam (NHIE)

electrical inspections-class FIELD TRAINING   |   $1,500
Washington State-Required (40 hours + 5 Reports)

Field training must include 40-hours of instruction with a minimum of 5  complete home inspections done according to the Standards of Practice (SOP) under the supervision of an experienced Home Inspector.  Students attending our classes will be given a demo of the Digital Inspection Assistant. This custom software was designed to be compliant to State Standards of Practice. This is an efficient way to record all the issues required to complete your practice inspections.  This is really the best way to learn how a live inspection is done. You will learn so much by actually touching and asking licensed inspector questions. By observing real inspection and client interactions you will learn tips that will help prepare you for real-world inspection scenarios.


classes are offered in
Washington,  Oregon,  Idaho,
Montana,  WyomingUtah,
Nevada, and  Colorado.

*Cash discounted price, we take cards too for a fee. Call us