Courses are 12 days, Monday – Saturday*, virtual live classroom and/or in the classroom.

Our next class is July 26– August 7, 2024
(**Note special schedule: 12 consecutive days)

Upcoming Courses:
September 9 – 21, 2024
October 14 – 26, 2024

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Online classes for state licensure must be on camera the entire time. No working, no driving, no appointments of any kind. In class every day ready to learn.

State-Required (120 Hours) 

At SOPHI, we offer modern learning environments where courses are conducted in a classroom and via live Zoom lectures. Our expert instructors, who are experienced Home Inspection Professionals, guide students toward success. Additionally, our intensive State-Certified course not only covers essential topics like Inspection Laws and State Standards of Practice (SOP) but also prepares students for the National Home Inspection Exam (NHIE). With SOPHI, you’re not just learning; you’re building a solid foundation for your future career.

electrical inspections-class FIELD TRAINING   |   $1,500
Washington State-Required (40 hours + 5 Reports)

 Our comprehensive field training program combines hands-on experience with digital efficiency. Under the guidance of experienced Home Inspectors, students conduct 5 complete home inspections, adhering to State Standards of Practice (SOP). Using our custom Digital Inspection Assistant, they meticulously record issues, gaining practical insights for real-world scenarios.


classes are offered in
Washington,  Oregon,  Idaho,
Montana,  WyomingUtah,
Nevada, and  Colorado.

*Cash discounted price, we take cards too for a fee. Call us