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I was called out to take a look at a new torch down roof. My client was concerned that the roofing was not installed correctly. There is significant puddling in the corner, and the water is not going down the drain instead it runs into the corner and leaks into the enclosed soffit below.

This roof cost thousands of dollars to install and included a complete tear off before the new materials were installed. The workmanship here is in question since it’s very good roofing material it was just installed in such a way that the water will not make it to the drain.

It appears to be an issue where the roofing was not properly heated and adhered to the roofing deck and the drain flashing was not set low enough to accept water.

 Water leaking into soffit will lead to significant Decay and possibly wood destroying organisms including ants termites or beetles. This needs to be corrected right away since this will be an issue as long as the roof is on the building.

JJ Greive

JJ & Suzanne are both licensed, highly skilled inspectors and educators. We are the authors of our class curriculum, and truly enjoy sharing this with our students