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My daughter was telling me that her house was cold and furnace was not keeping up with the cold weather.   It is not that cold and I knew immediately what the problem was.  I told her to clean the air filter.  When I told her she was skeptical but she listened to her dad and guess what?  They now have heat again.

This is one of the most common electronic air filters we see. They can be a little complicated to clean and reassemble correctly.

The most important thing you can do if you own a fan forced furnace is keep the filters clean!  I look at hundreds of filters every year, and you know what?  Most are in need or cleaning or replacement.  Lets think about what happens when the filter gets really dirty.

The furnace filter prevents the required airflow necessary for the furnace to run correctly.  So imagine what happens when you allow too little air through the filter.  The burners have only one speed, that is on or off.  So when there is less air, the furnace runs hotter, sometimes way too hot.  Too hot furnaces are not a good thing, and could result in a fire.  To prevent this overheating, there is a over tempature kill switch.

If the airflow is too low, this kill switch will shut down the burners, allowing the furnace to cool off.  When the furnace has cooled, it will turn on again, and over heat again.  Do you think it is a good for the furnace to overheat, shut down and restart and overheat again?  That furnace won’t last long.

Do you still think changing your filters is a trivial thing?

Here is how to clean the Honeywell filter.

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