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I  make a lot of recommendations for home repairs.  One of the most common is for HVAC professionals, and there is a company I have been recommending for years.  No more.  I actually used to have their business card on my website, but after today’s inspection I have taken it down.  Here is why, take a look at this picture.

These are the flues for a water heater and furnace.


There are very specific rules about these flues, in particular, the metal exhaust vent connector is a single wall type.  This has a 6″ minimum space to combustibles.  These flues are touching, and the plastic flue is melting.  What upsets me about this mistake is this is a no-brainer kind of mistake, anyone that is a professional installer SHOULD know better, and what is worse this same company has been servicing these appliances regularly for more than 10 years. (multiple notations on the appliance of regular service from the original installer. )


excessive sealant – amateur repair at furnace

Take a look at the last picture, this furnace must have had a condensate leak and the repair?? will you take a look at that mess of silicone?  All I can say is it looks like a child made this repair with play doh.   This quality of repairs makes me nuts.  Why even call for service if an idiot is going to show up.  I am going to share this article with the owner of  this HVAC company and hope he has some kind of explanation as to why this kind of work was done.  I personally think “Mark C” should be FIRED.  We will see when I show this article to the company owner.

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