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Propane Dangers

propane dangers, small tanks can be mounted next to the home

Smaller propane tanks can be tight next to the house.

A home in Port Orchard had a terrible explosion a few days ago, what a tragic story.  It is too early to tell the cause for sure, but that home was heated with propane and they do not suspect a crime.  This brings up some important points about propane dangers.

Did you know that propane is heavier than air (unlike natural gas or methane) and sinks and pools at the floor or  into low areas like basements or crawlspaces. This tendency to collect and pool make a unique hazard with propane equipment, similar to gasoline vapors.

The size of the tank determines where the tank should be located.   Tanks under 100 gallons are often next to the home, while larger tanks must be located further away.  Here is the recomendations for propane tank placement.

If you have propane equipment and suspect any issue, always have a certified professional make repairs.
Here is a short video on how to turn off your propane.Probable propane explosion

Source Kitsap Sun

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