We are on our way to the season of sun, fun, and warm evenings under the stars. That’s right, summer is afoot! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we treasure our summers. We are able to spend the day on our deck or patio, tend our garden, and bask in the welcoming beams of sunshine that we so dearly miss in January. While spending time outside, many of us notice that our homes could use a bit of seasonal maintenance. We have created a short list to help shine the light on your summertime maintenance essentials. Get it done and be on your way to enjoy the season of beaches, backyard barbecues, and outdoor adventures.

Exterior: Now is the perfect time to wash your siding and give your exterior paint job a nice touch up. Make sure you know the proper tools and method for your homes exterior materials. (Some materials can get damaged if you use a power washer.) Wash your exterior windows and check your gutters for any debris that has built up since winter/spring.

Decks and Patios: Residents in the Pacific Northwest with a patio or deck knows how wonderful summers are for entertaining into the warm , breezy evenings.Before you host your annual summer BBQ, make sure you inspect your deck or patio and take note of any safety and cosmetic maintenance you need to do. Wood decks got an unexpectedly harsh winter this year… could yours use some TLC? After cleaning and drying your wooden deck, remember to treat the wood , stain and seal it if needed (typically every 2-3 years). Check out this link below to find out what the best products are to care for your deck :
Top 10 Best Deck Sealers & Best Deck Stains in 2019 – Reviews

Garden: Lay down mulch to protect plants from drought, boost growth and give your yard a finished look.
Do you have an area in your garden or yard that you don’t quite know what to do with? Help the planet by planting herbs and flowers that attract bees and other important pollinators. Create a rain garden to conserve water and use it to water your garden and create natural beauty! Here is a link for ways to attract our buzzy little friends:
8 Ways to Attract Bees and Butterflies

Indoors: Open all your windows and air out your entire home. Run the AC unit on low with windows open to get rid of any winter mustiness. Check your HVAC filters and replace if needed . Help maintain cleaner indoor air by keeping houseplants known for their air purification. Learn more about how these green beauties work their purification magic in the video below:

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