When you begin your new career as an inspector, you will likely venture out on your own. Many seek out an inspection career due to the common American desire to own their own business.

A career in home inspection allows flexibility and peace of mind that many people crave in contrast to the “normal” 9-5 grind. You are your own boss and make your own rules. You work hard, and before you know it, you are booking jobs left and right. You get stellar reviews online and are appreciated, respected and trusted by clients and realtors alike. You thrive in helping people in your community achieve their dreams and be informed, educated buyers.

Imagine that you have been running your inspection business for a few years. You are performing every job on your own …from scheduling to report writing to getting into those tight crawlspaces. Your calendar is full and you are beginning to feel spread thin.

Do you have more inspection requests than you can handle and even need to turn jobs down due to how busy you are? Consider something you have not before…hiring another person to assist you. You may already have a friend, family member, or old colleague who has expressed an interest in what you do. Reach out to them with the proposition of a bright future with your business. Perhaps you wish to retire from the field but keep a continuous income stream. Consider mentoring and passing the daily operations of your company down to a qualified candidate and give them a legacy to build on. Someone you take under your wing could assure continued mutual success.

The first step to training and hiring a new person is to build a solid educational foundation.

At SOPHI, we have had the opportunity to train several bright, diligent new students who add value and revenue to growing inspection businesses.  Our class curriculum has fostered ongoing success from the first day of school to the final day in the field. Sessions are held every 6-8 weeks and last for 12 days. This allows more opportunities for future students to accommodate their education needs around their busy day to day life. The instructors are dedicated, insightful, experienced professionals. Class is always taught by not one, but two instructors who also own their own inspection business. Our passing rate is one of the highest in Washington state. More people who take our class go on to pass the state and national exam and become successful, licensed inspectors.Quality of education matters. To deliver the very best to your clients, you must acquire the best education. SOPHI is simply, the smartest choice for your future. We have already scheduled our winter and spring 2020 sessions. Invest in the best and send your future inspectors to us!


Jordan Vestal of the Abode Analysis team.

JJ Greive

JJ & Suzanne are both licensed, highly skilled inspectors and educators. We are the authors of our class curriculum, and truly enjoy sharing this with our students