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We take walks around the neighborhood with the class.  120 hours is a long time to sit in a classroom and it is always interesting to see and touch real homes. Hearing about a product and seeing it on a screen is not the same as tapping on it, touching it, seeing it for yourself. Our students learn so much more by going on local field trips. We have the neighborhood mapped out for different examples of siding, roofing, electrical, etc. I’m always pleased to see a homeowner fix an issue with their home, but I lose my example! There’s always another one. Our students point out issues every time we stroll. Even on our own building.

find when we walk the neighborhood We got a little rained on on our walk around the hood checking out local building practices. It’s always nice to get out of the classroom. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton

Checking out storm damage from the recent windstorms

This garage has settled a ton, look at the curves on this one!

This service entrance cable looks really messed up to us, what do you think?

Suzanne pointing out water damage to a local commercial building

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JJ Greive

JJ & Suzanne are both licensed, highly skilled inspectors and educators. We are the authors of our class curriculum, and truly enjoy sharing this with our students


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