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Chimney Inspections are critical part of home safety

Chimney Inspections are critical part of home safety

The skills you learn at The School of Professional Home Inspection will prepare you for opportunities as an independent Inspector, an inspection franchise or professional inspection firms.

We wrote the materials we teach you. Our home inspection school curriculum was developed here in Seattle, paying particular attention to our many wet micro-climates and local building practices.

Our small class size gives you more personalized instruction. Our classes at are limited to 10 students, giving us more time to answer individual questions and prepare them to take the Washington State Home Inspection Exam. It is our goal see our excel in the Home Inspection profession and not just pass the state exam.

To help our students succeed we not only teach the fundamentals, we also share tips on search engine optimization, use of social media, advertising and marketing tips, reporting and calendaring systems, client and contact management systems.  These are just a few of the added value tips we share.

Assisting you in choosing the best tools is just one of the added services we offer.  We will share with you what are the most useful and where you should buy them and steer you clear of overpriced/poor quality tools.

Washington State Candidate Handbook - You first step. home inspection School in Seattle

Your first step in becoming a Home Inspector in Washington State is getting a copy of this book

The first step in getting a home inspection license it to download the “Candidate Handbook”.  This outlines the requirements to get your home inspection license, along with valuable information about passing the exam.

At School of Professional Home Inspection we teach you the skills you need to know, testing GFCIs

All GFCIs are tested to assure electrical safety

Classes are led by active, local, successful inspection professionals that know how to build a profitable business.  We prepare you for success in this lucrative marketplace. Offering the support to get your home inspection business up and running as soon as possible compliments our education services. We will prepare you for the required state examination for home inspection and structural pest licensing.

Cindy checking out the attic

Cindy checking out the insulation and ductwork, she is not afraid to get a little dirty in the attic or crawlspaces.  She will make a great inspector.

We offer software and training as a part of the complete inspection education package.  Our inspection package, The Digital Inspection Assistant is fully customizable, assuring you detailed, complete, timely reports and happy customers. It will guide you through the inspection process while creating the kind of actionable reports customers and realtors expect.

Field training, the class in checking out a roof in the rain

Checking out the roof with students, rainy days make for good inspections.

Our proven track record as successful Inspectors and educators make School of Professional Home Inspection the best choice in home inspection education, software, and field training.

Checking out the wind damage on a local walkabout with the students

Checking out the wind damage on a local walkabout with the students

Class taking their final Home Inspection Examination before they graduate

Taking the final exam

Take the first step to your new career today!  Call Us 206-295-4330

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Learn more about training options here

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