You have taken our class, and are taking the next steps to become an inspector. Joining a home inspection organization is a great step to help you in your success. Which one is right for you?
According to Reuben Saltzman, ( a highly successful and insightful 2nd generation inspector) : “ASHI, NAHI, and InterNACHI are the 3 main organizations. The way I see it, ASHI’s main goal is to improve the home inspection industry. NAHI is ASHI’s little brother. InterNACHI’s goal is to cater to the individual needs of members. Here in Minnesota, most home inspectors belong to at least one of these three organizations. A few belong to all three, and some don’t belong to any of them.”
Read the article below, and find out which one is best for you.

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JJ Greive

JJ & Suzanne are both licensed, highly skilled inspectors and educators. We are the authors of our class curriculum, and truly enjoy sharing this with our students


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