Quiz Time!

All is quiet as the class takes thier electrical quiz

Mike is thinking really hard.

Some of the best study materials are the quizzes we give our students.  The class is now taking a 100 question electrical quiz, soon we go over the answers.  These are all eye-opening experiences, testing the knowledge you just learned a couple days ago.

Here are some sample questions:

How many feet of clearance by the overhead service drop does the NEC require over driveways?

  1. 8’
  2. 10’
  3. 12’
  4. 18’

In a panel, the minimum copper wiring size carrying 120 volts should be ______.

  1. 10 awg
  2. 14 awg
  3. 12 awg
  4. 16 awg
  5. 18 awg

The grounded and grounding conductors can share a common bus only in________.

A. the service panel

B. any electrical panel

C. the distribution panel


Which of the following conditions at the main panel should be reported as a safety hazard?

  1. System not grounded
  2. Undersized branch circuit wiring
  3. Inoperable GFCI”s
  4. Live Current in the main panel

I am proud to say my students do very well on these quizzes, they will make excellent inspectors.


JJ & Suzanne are both licensed, highly skilled inspectors and educators. We are the authors of our class curriculum, and truly enjoy sharing this with our students

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