It is a rite of passage every spring, these guys start coming out running around the home.  Weather around here has to be about 70 or above and they activity really explodes.  Capture

This is a carpenter ant, it is carrying another insect back to the nest as food.  This kid of activity is a dead give away as carpenter ants do not eat wood at all.  They dig it out and nest in it.  Their primary food is other insects, and you can see them marching back home with food for the rest of the colony.

If you have these guys,  you need to treat your house with Termador.  This pesticide can not be found at the hardware store, and therefore you must call a pest control officer.

Here is a tip, Termador can only be applied to you home two times a year buy EPA regulations.  So do not sign up for a maintenance agreement that calls for regular applications.  In most cases this regular re-application is not recommended and in the case of carpenter ants usually is masking a issue with water issues with the home.

If you have any questions, call me.  Happy to give you advice.

Read more about carpenter ants and the recommended treatments from WSU 


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JJ Greive

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