One of the most important items on an inspector’s list are the GFCIs, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

In the home’s wiring system, the GFCI constantly monitors electricity flowing to and from the outlet. If the current flowing out of the outlet differs by a small amount from that returning, the GFCI quickly switches off power to that circuit.

A ground fault is an unintentional electric path diverting current to ground. Ground faults occur when current leaks from a circuit. How the current leaks is very important. If a person’s body provides a path to ground for this leakage, the person could be injured, burned, severely shocked, or electrocuted. They are recommended around all locations where there is possible contact with water. These circuits should be tested regularly to assure that they are functional. Remember that other outlets may be “down stream” from the GFCI that you are testing. On occasion you may find that a disposal or other outlet has failed, and all it needed was to have an upstream GFCI reset.

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